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Investment Casting is the Cost-Effective Alternative to Conventional Machining

ecker Metal Works was originally incorporated in 1986 to provide stainless steel investment castings for the medical industry. Since that time we have expanded to service the Energy, Machine Tool, Food Processing, Chemical and Defense Industries, to name a few.

Why Choose Becker Metal Works?

  • On-time delivery that is consistent with customer requirements
  • Unusually short lead time, 4-6 weeks for tooling and sample castings, 6-8 weeks after sample approval and reorders
  • Our investment castings are precise, repeatable and predictable
  • We can produce castings ranging from ounces to 80 lbs
  • We are imaginative problem solvers with the expertise, skill and practical knowledge to meet your needs

Investment Castings
(Custom Part Manufacturing)

Investment casting can produce parts which achieve or closely approximate finished dimensions, you can enjoy significant savings through elimination of machining operations, increased tool life and reduction of labor cost and parts scrap rate.
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Engineering Design Assistance

Becker offers uncommonly personalized Engineering assistance, including rigorous and thorough attention to the details that are important to you. Regardless of complexity, almost any part can be produced as a one-piece configuration, which are inherently strong in all directions.
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Investment Casting Complimentary to CNC Machining

The Investment casting process offers greater configuration, detail and the machining of critical areas only. This reduces the amount of machine operations, thereby reducing machine time and perishable tool cost.
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